Simplify Your


Ben.JS is a plain small and easy-to-learn JavaScript framework for single-page-applications (SPA). Simplify your way to create powerful JavaScript Web Applications with a lightweight MVC framework.

Five Minute Tutorial


Ben.JS provides an easy to learn Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. This pattern separates your application into logical building blocks. Take a tour through the 5 Minutes Tutorial to learn how to start with Ben.JS, or take a look on the guidebook to find further information.


Ben.JS is based on the JavaScript library JQuery. For that reason you can easily combine your application with any of the various extensions of JQuery or with your existing code. Ben.JS can also be combined with any other concepts or JavaScript frameworks based on JQuery.


Ben.JS is an open source project and we invite you to participate in it. If you like Ben.JS, or if you have any ideas or questions, then follow us on GitHub and start contributing. On the project home on Github you will find several examples and you can also checkout the source code.